ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe

ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe is a long awaited childhood desire. Long time before she gradually started her business of ROXALNE fashion multi labels e-store she had dreamed of creating brand for fashion-forward woman who classifies with classic-eccentric-elegant perception. Flattering, a day to day or night to be worn, ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe depicts a collection of fine-looking jewelry and accessories that combines exquisite material of pure 925 sterling Silver with details of natural and synthetic stones. These elements are daily routine inspired which embrace timeless luxury with classic and modern twist. Since the beginning, Mutiara has represented modest tomboy genre but having created ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe in mid 2016 realizes her that the subconcious has always believed; “wearing stacks of accessories is the most sincere pleasure and indeed, jewelry is a little thing that produces power and makes me feel excessively irreplaceable.” Today she is confidently bringing her very own fantasy into the world and will continuously explore innovative new ways of creating accessories with prohibitive vogue design as well as describes woman’s explicit characteristic through piece of art.

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