ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe

To The Precious,

It is a long a waited childhood desire. Long time before I gradually started my commercial of ROXALNE fashion multi-labels e-store, I have envisaged of creating my own brand for woman who classifies daring romantic perspective.

From love dtories inspired, relating thousands of letterings, which embrace timeless classic starry-eyed luxury and a slight of ROXALNE's twist, leading fatasies of mine to crystalized perpetual potray of women's compassionate characteristic through pieces of art.

Flattering a day to day or night to be worn, ROXALNE by Mutiara Lapointe depicts a collection of fine-looking jewelry and accessorise that combines exellent quality of material polished with specialist of craftmen.

Through letter by letter sent to the precious, my sister and I will story tell the design of every season.


Mutiara Lapointe

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