Where do we ship to ?

We provide shipping for both domestic and international.

How much is shipping cost ?

Shipping cost may vary depending on the destination of your orders. The system will automatically calculate your shipping cost when you make your order.

How long will the shipment be ?

Most items are already in stock and we will try to send them out within 1-3 working days from Monday to Fridays. Orders made on Saturday and Sundays will be proceed the following Monday accordingly to the order’s queue. However, please refer to delivery times listed on each individual item as this could vary. Items made to order will be assessed and time scale quoted individually.

How to order ?

To purchase our jewels you can click SHOP. You will be redirected to our e-shop.

How is my order packaged ?

For our Magic Metal series you will receive a ROXALNE pouch and our Box of Love.

For our Sterling Light series you will receive a ROXALNE pouch, our classic signature box in our Box of Love.

Can I edit my order ?

Yes, your orders can be edited manually before proceeding to payment.

Can I cancel my order ?

Yes, you can cancel your order before proceeding to payment. If payment has already been made unfortunately it’s not possible to cancel your order.

Where is my order ?

To preview your tracking number you can access Orders page.

How do I get an item repaired ?

Please send us an email at regarding your item.

There will be a complimentary guarantee for Sterling Light products within one year from the purchase date. For our Sterling Light jewels you can get your jewels re-polished or re-plate twice within 1 year.

Kindly send us back your jewel for repair with the authenticity card.

However, in certain circumstances, we will ask for a service charge to re-plate the jewelry. We promise you the best quality of replating our products. The endurance for the gold-plated item may vary depending on the usage of the product and daily wear. We suggest that you follow our care card instructions for a longer-lasting product.

Is it possible to gold plate my ROXALNE jewelry ? How long is the endurance for the gold plated item ?

Yes with an additional charge to replate the jewelry. We promise you the best quality of replating our products. The endurance for the gold plated item may vary depending on the usage of the product and daily wear. We suggest that you follow our care card instruction for a longer lasting product.

Can I repair/recolor my ROXALNE jewels if the valid free service date has already expired?

Yes, by sending us the jewelry with the authenticity card you will receive a special price for repair & recolor services.
However, if you send us the jewelry without the authenticity card, you will be offered the standard service price.

What should I do if I receive the wrong products ?

Please inform us after you receive your items if the products you ordered are wrong, we will contact you via email and we will be sending the right products after the wrong items have been returned (proof of sending them back) the shipping fee for sending the jewels back will be refunded.

What will happen if I lose my ROXALNE jewelry’s Authenticity Card?

Our authenticity card plays a huge role in the identification of the origins and manufacturing of our jewels. We kindly suggest saving the authenticity cards from your jewelry purchases as for every complimentary service we will request the cards to be returned to us. Our authenticity card also acts as a guarantee for each purchase of our products for Sterling Light line. Therefore, if you lose your authenticity card the guarantee & complimentary services for the product will be considered invalid.

How do I place an exchange or return ?

ROXALNE’s return policy :
An exchange or return is only available under these circumstances.

  1. You received the wrong products
  2. You recieved the right products but they are broken due to shipment etc.

Will I receive a refund ?

Unfortunately we do not offer a refund. All our jewels are non-refundable.

Will my shipping fee be refunded ?

You will receive a refund under certain circumstances i.e. if you receive the wrong products we will refund your shipping fee.

What are ROXALNE’s jewels made of ?

ROXALNE’s jewels are divided into 2 types based on the material.
Sterling Light is made of 925 Sterling silver while
Magic Metal is made of Brass & Copper.

How do I make sure the jewelry I purchase is a ROXALNE original / authentic product?

We highly recommend purchasing ROXALNE jewelry only from or from the list of names of our authorized stockists. The name of our stockist will be provided on our site. Therefore all your preceding orders will be recorded in our database, which will enable our team to assist you and provide you services much easier in the future.

How do I find my ring size ?

ROXALNE’s rings are adjustable, ranging from  5-7 US

How do I care for my jewelry ?

We provide care card with all the important things for a long lasting jewels.

Jewelry requires proper care and treatment for its longevity so that it can even be handed down as heirlooms to future generations without losing their shine and sparkle. Regular cleaning of jewelry is essential to maintain shine and brilliance of jewelry’s gemstones and metal. On wearing jewelry, it gets dirty as you use various skin and body care solutions such as soaps, lotions and and it can even become oily from your skin’s natural oils. Nevertheless, when your non-plated 925sterling silver jewelry turns dark wipe it with ROXALNE’s polishing cloth. For further information please read our care card thoroughly.

My gold plated items are wearing off, what can I do ?

Some of the designs available are made from gold plated silver or brass & copper to give a two metal appearance. Wear and tear can wear away the gold plating to leave more silver visible. Gold plating can be repeated for frequently worn items to return them to their original condition. There will be a service charge for this. It’s always suggested to return your ROXALNE jewelry to us so that you will get the high quality guarantee for your use of our product. We offer guarantee too, click here.

Are there special prices or discounts for the jewelry?

Yes, all jewelry pieces displayed on our SALE page are discounted. Stay informed of special offers and promotions via our Instagram account’s story.

What are the Terms and Conditions for products on SALE?

There are 3 terms and conditions for our products purchased from our SALE page:

1) You will not receive a care card and pouch, packaging will only include a paper wrap and our Box of Love.

2) Complimentary repair and recolor service will not be offered. If you’d like to get it serviced, there will be an additional cost.

3) The No-Complaint Sale policy is in place for our sale items.

What is ROXALNE’s No-Complaint Sale Policy?

Our No-Complaint Sale policy is primarily applied to jewelry sold on our SALE page.
The difference between the normal-priced and special-priced jewels begins from the packaging and the complimentary service guarantee.
By purchasing the jewelry you have fully agreed to our terms and conditions, therefore unmerited complaints will not be tolerated. Please ensure that you are happy with your decision before completing your order.

Can you provide gift wrap ?

No, we don’t provide gift wrap.

However, for our Magic Metal series you will receive a ROXALNE pouch and our Box of love.

For our Sterling Light series you will receive a ROXALNE pouch, our classic signature box in our Box of love.

Do you offer a gift card ?

Yes we do.

We provide free greetings card and envelope for our Sterling Light series.

However, there will be an additional charge for those who purchase our Magic Metal series.

Where can I purchase gift cards?

Extra gift cards can be purchased separately at our The Art of Giving section on our website.

How do I pay ?

We accept payment in the form of:

  • OVO (Indonesia only)
  • Credit Card

What currency will my order be processed in ?

Your order will be processed in Indonesian Rupiah.

Do you ship internationally ?

Yes we do! If you are purchasing at from overseas, we provide shipping for international orders and you can get free shipping cost for orders above Rp 3.500.000 We will ship your beloved goods through Pos Indonesia service.