The astrological signs’ design was reinvented to be contemporary and sophisticated. This zodiac-themed necklace evokes the feeling of escapade. Each of the star signs is accompanied by a winter white cubic zirconia stone, framing it like a treasure floating inside a sunlit circle. Notice the trillion-shaped stone and dangling anchor on one side of the chain. Two types of chains work harmoniously in this piece, complemented with our multi-colored strands on one side, which was handcrafted all the way down to its fibers. Wear it every day, and embrace your inner star sign.

With every purchase of an item you will receive a re-useable pouch for protection as well as an external box of love given exclusively for shipping.

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It has been 5 years since the founding of ROXALNE.
In this year of fete, we will unseal the locks of our history to find the roots of our vision during the creation of the brand.
Turning a tale of a voyage in the form of luminous bijouterie that is beyond imagination, “A Journey to Tell” expresses the finesse of self-progress and growth, and captures our entire passion from the very beginning of this journey.
Details and inspiration are drawn from various points throughout our work timeline.
We express gratefulness to our ROXALNE darlings who have been a part of our tide and journey.


“Magic metal” –  with a base material of brass & copper.

Our Magic metal series are plated with 18K gold or silver and are given a special coating to elevate and preserve the jewelry for longer usage. Some are decorated with cubic zirconia stones.

Each jewelry is unique from one another as they are individually handcrafted by master artisans.

Please bear in mind that there may be a slight difference between our actual item from the photos due to the lighting and positioning of the products during the photo shoot.


Base material: Brass and Copper
Finish: 18k Gold Plated
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Total Length: Approximately 50cm

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