Effortless and humble represented by the most modest design of bees from the most intricate and beautiful ancestry tradition. An absolute excellent essential in our Beeloved Daughters collection.

Just Beecause Ring features courteous design of a petite bee made with 925 Sterling silver. This Roxalne ring is adjustable by sizes and each ring is adorned with a mild design made to appease a more creative way of ring-wear to another festive style. With every purchase of item you will receive a pouch for protection as well as a Roxalne’s classic signature box. In addition an external box of love will be given exclusively for shipping.

Golden SunlightSilver Winter

‘Beeloved Daughters’ creation is a solely designed in celebration of the renaissance of two maiden living in an isolated mansion. Bee and flower epitomize the ever-present positivity of true love and new beginnings that shine through, thus, honey reflecting a sweet and gentle charm character.

Impeccably glimmered with cubic zirconia and fresh water pearls, these sophisticated 925 silver jewelry are visualization of influential femininity and embraced alongside with ROXALNE’s quixotic hue, exclusively offered in silver & gold colour.


ROXALNE jewelry is fervently designed and handcrafted by our artisans. They are categorized into two jewelry lines:
“Sterling light”  – with a base material of 925 sterling silver.
“Magic metal” –  with a base material of brass & copper.

All of our pieces are plated with 18K gold or rose gold, and are coated to elevate and preserve the jewelry for longer usage, with the exception of our solid sterling silver jewelry collection.

Furthermore, We use high quality cubic zirconia stones and freshwater pearls. Each jewelry is unique from one another as they are individually handcrafted by master artisans.

Please bear in mind that there may be a slight difference between our actual item from the photos due to the lighting and positioning of the products during the photo shoot.


Base material : 925 Sterling Silver
18k Gold plating
Color options : Golden sunlight & Silver winter
Adjustable size (range 2-3 US)