Presenting you the newly handcrafted Link of Love chain mask with our signature Gratitude chain that will keep your mask securely fastened while still exuding grandeur. We hope the added details to this mask chain catch your eyes. With round lilac mauve, square winter white, heart pink romance, and a star-shaped winter white cubic zirconia stone, they turn your simple mask-wearing lifestyle into a colorful one. If you wish to use it as a multifunctional piece you may also style this mask chain as a necklace as it was intentionally designed to be versatile.

With every purchase of a Link of Love mask chain, you will receive additional rubber loops to help you transform your strap into a multifunctional piece,
also a re-useable pouch for protection as well as an external Box of Love given exclusively for shipping.

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Celebrating your inner light is what this holiday season is all about. Moment to Shine features brilliant sparkles suitable for every cherished moment. Let your heart ignite with passion and overpower any somberness that remains. It’s a chance to think about our loved ones and send them heartwarming presents.


Base material: Brass and Copper
Finish: 18k Gold Plated, Matte Polish
Stone: Hand-set Cubic Zirconia
Total Length: Approximately 60cm


“Magic metal” –  with a base material of brass & copper.

Our Magic metal series are plated with 18K gold or silver and are given a special coating to elevate and preserve the jewelry for longer usage. Some are decorated with cubic zirconia stones.

Each jewelry is unique from one another as they are individually handcrafted by master artisans.

Please bear in mind that there may be a slight difference between our actual item from the photos due to the lighting and positioning of the products during the photo shoot.

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