“Family-friendly, For Him and For Her”

“Sky” is our primeval handcrafted thread jewelry collection presented for you and your family members.

The collection is suitable for men, women, and children. Portraying the ever-changing colors of the sky,

from the cloudy subtle blue to a warm orange like when the sun sets, and let’s not forget the colorful rainbow after the pouring rain.

The sky itself is a wonder to behold.


Place your pre-order for your very own personalized Sky bracelet.

Available sizes ranging from adults to children with a diverse range of 26 hand-selected colors

that await you when you purchase the Sky bracelet from our personalized section.

Pre-orders will require 7-14 working days.


Delve into the present, as we are entering the ‘Time of Delight’.

Bringing you a more festive and elevated design from the sweet color palette to charming ornaments,

exceeding the ordinary gifting experience from us now that the holiday cheer is right around the corner.

Spread the love and share the joy.


Listen to the voice inside your heart, a lingering longing of the unseen little sparks of joy.

‘Whispering Wishes’ is a self-reminder to uplift one another and affirm the goodness in all of us.

Find the perfect thread jewelry as your gift of love to express affection for one another.

Remember, it’s tremendously meaningful if you gift one for yourself too!