A fete for the upcoming gifting season, ROXALNE invites you to explore our selected collections from our Holiday Essentials guide. Discover the darling choices of ROXALNE jewels to be included in your holiday essentials. Add your personal touch for a memorable gifting experience from our
Make Your Gifts Special’ section.


Though it was very last minute decision,
we have thoroughly manage to present ‘ I Thank You For It All’ Hand Chain as a symbol of gratitude.
ROXALNE’s Sisters and team are truly thankful that we are still standing and surviving well during these unprecedented times.


Bubbles of Dreams is a form of remembrance to recall childhood longing and dream lest it is lost or forgotten. A collection with brave and blithe designs conveying both desire and delight. A reminder like no other, to rely on the beauty of your dreams with ROXALNE. Compliment beautiful moments with dainty luminous pieces that spark mindful magic. Let us be a part of your journey to making your dream come true. Be the dreamers that do.


Inspired by Prunus mume, also known as plum blossom, a symbol of winter and a prelude to spring. It’s incredibly enigmatic how the flowers bloom effervescently in the middle of a cold, somber winter. It projects strength, resilience and perseverance. And most importantly, it represents hope – something that we could all use these days.
The ladybug becomes the whimsical touch for the collection, a character that both ROXALNE and Kae shares an affinity for apart from the luscious botanicals. It is said if a ladybug sits on you, your wish may come true. A symbol of good fortune and prosperity.
The “Winter of Hope” collection breathes these very wishes to all of its patrons. May we be reminded that everything comes full circle, no matter how long the journey is.


Near And Dear To Heart

An outspoken collection that is offered in a sweet manner,
representing what the heart needs to articulate.
You may freely engrave personalize greetings for anniversaries,
Mother’s day and other precious moments on the jewelry.

Have a Joyful Holiday!