It is a long-awaited childhood desire. As you may know, long before we gradually started commercializing ROXALNE fashion multi-label e-store, we have envisioned the creation of our own brand for women who classify themselves as daring and romantic.

Inspired by our very own life’s journey, we present designs that embrace timelessness, luxury and elegance, with a ROXALNE twist. Turning fantasies of ours into one-of-a-kind pieces of art, each embodies a specific characteristic of a soulful woman.

ROXALNE consistently depicts collections of fine-looking jewels with an unbending attentiveness to detail, uniting excellent quality material polished by specialist craftsmen. Our endless effort to continue to create the utmost best and put our best foot forward is simply so that we can share our stories and love with you.

Through these collections, we will share our cherished stories through letters. We hope that our letters bring you joy, laughter and aspires you to dream.

Each personnel receives honest and fair wages along with dutiful labor practices and safe working terms. After our establishment, we have committed to honor every human right, health and safety, not to mention offering rewards for their exceptionality from years of experience in craftsmanship, which have allowed us to produce jewelry from ethically sourced high-grade materials and remain environmentally sustainable.

Our first step to rectify sustainability is to utilize less plastic usage and also upcycle and recycle feasible goods in every aspect of our business. A major part of one of our missions is to reduce waste wherever possible.

ROXALNE is our painted canvas where we envision our dreams and steadily bringing them into life. Heavily involved in every step of the making of the brand, this beautiful process and the creation of our high-quality jewelry are our utmost priority. For the years to come, we will continue to humbly challenge ourselves to actualize pieces we can proudly announce to the world. Two sisters founded ROXALNE with the hopes of creating a place people have been longing for to find suitable gifts for loved ones. But this is simply just the beginning.